The web portal file downloader

You too can download files automatically from web portals

with just one click. Reduce the time spent on downloading files by up to 100% and have them save directly to your local or cloud storage folder.
That’s minutes or hours saved per team every day, which accumulate into days of valuable working time per annum.

Who We Help

Depositary Banks and Traditional Financial InstitutionsEnable your Operations team to download files automatically

from online providers, and have them save directly into the correct folder.

Many companies rely on manual work to run repetitive tasks to collect and transform data from providers.

AUTOMANFILE supports your data collection and transformation to allow your Operations team to manage data processing and reporting with any custom solutions you may require in your workflow.

Funds & Fund AdministratorsSpeed up your NAV processing and reconciliation

Accounting systems are not designed to collect files from providers and manage them efficiently.

AUTOMANFILE supports your NAV calculations through custom task automations as required.

Investment ManagersAggregate and normalise financial data

Investment and fund fact sheets reporting requires you to collect and manage many files every day, and then to extract the information needed.

AUTOMANFILE allows for downloading, processing, and reporting data as needed through custom solutions that fit your needs to a tee.

up to 100% time saved on manual work

100% data accuracy and customisation

AUTOMANFILE has a multi-channel alert system

that can notify you via e-mail, SMS, automated phone calls, or even WhatsApp.
You also won’t have to worry about updating the system or doing any maintenance work as this data processing software comes with an outsourced team of experts.


Using AUTOMAN gives a feeling of sheer relief that a few hours of work - copying, pasting, sorting, and reconciling - can be completed with a few clicks in less than a minute or two ... It makes me smile!
Tracey MarshallManager of Fund Accounting
Time-saving is one of the benefits experienced. It allows me to focus my time on other areas.
Mandie OngFund accountant

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