The data processing robot

AUTOMAN is a powerful data processing software

that can download, save, transform, check, compare, and report data from multiple sources. It also makes this data searchable, normalises it into your internal system, and sends you timely alerts to ensure you’re always on the ball.

Are you ready to make your data work for your financial and investment business?
AUTOMAN Speed Up Financial Operations

The process of compiling data can seem like a never-ending task:

employees often have to download data from web portals and then transform and process it into what is needed for your purposes. Then there comes the task of understanding it, which just makes the task longer and more unsurmountable. The answer to this is usually employing more people to do the job, or else an off-the-shelf ‘solution’ that does some of the work, but which puts your business’s unique needs to the side.

AUTOMAN was created to solve both these issues.

This data processing software has been imbued with the technical and mathematical skills needed to not just gather massive amounts of data, but to reconcile it with your business’s needs. This, in turn, smartly and efficiently transforms that data into something you can harness by searching it, reporting it, and even comparing it to other data.

What’s even better is that AUTOMAN has a multi-channel alert system

that can notify you of any changes you’ve been looking out for via e-mail, SMS, automated phone calls, or even WhatsApp. And you won’t have to worry about updating the system or doing any maintenance work, either, as this data processing software also comes with an outsourced team of experts.

All this means that AUTOMAN can increase your performance

and facilitate your decision-making processes. And since this data processing software can be completely tailored to your needs, you can rest assured it will always work just as you need it to.

So, why not get in touch with us to discover how AUTOMAN and Data Processing could help your company?