Case Studies

Crypto Trades and Positions: Faster Downloads and Report Reconciliation
Crypto-Trades-and-Positions-Faster-Downloads-and-Report-Reconciliation 01
Crypto Trades and Positions: Faster Downloads and Report Reconciliation 06
  • 98% reduction in time spent on daily statements
  • 100% automated
  • 15x increase in department productivity on crypto assets


The Challenge

Many cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges send statements in hard-to-reconcile formats, resulting in your team having to manually download, extract, and convert the information within. This:

  • Wastes valuable time;
  • Increases the risk of errors;
  • Reduces performance; and
  • Can lead to delays.


Wakett’s Solution

You can schedule our AUTOMAN Crypto API software to automatically collect data from relevant sources, like Binance and many others. The raw data can then be automatically transformed and reconciled against your custom calculations. This allows you to:

  • Check data related to your crypto assets multiple times a day;
  • Save time and reduce risk of errors;
  • Automatically apply calculations and filters to your data;
  • Easily populate CSV files and Excel sheets; and 
  • Quickly and automatically create interactive HTML reports.


So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to see how we can work together for a brighter future for your company.