Case Studies

Statement-Conversions-From-PDF-To-CSV-Excel-Tables-In-A-Flash 10
Statement Conversions: From PDF To CSV/Excel Tables In A Flash 01
Statement Conversions: From PDF To CSV/Excel Tables In A Flash 08
  • 98% time saved per daily statement processed 
  • 100% automated
  • 100% data conversion accuracy


The Challenge

A daily statement from each bank you work with means that you end up with tonnes of statements that need to be manually downloaded, converted, reconciled, and reported. What’s even more annoying is that some banks and brokers only send statements in PDF, which makes the data even harder to extract. All this:

  • Wastes valuable time;
  • Increases the risk of errors;
  • Reduces performance;
  • Can lead to delays; and
  • Makes it harder to create reports.


Wakett’s Solution

AUTOMAN’s PDF conversion engine can automatically convert PDF files into CSV and Excel sheets with multiple custom clean tables, making it easier for your accounting system to read them. This:

  • Saves copious amounts of time;
  • Reduces the risk of errors;
  • Automatically converts your reports;
  • Does not require any human input; and
  • Can alert you to any issues.


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