Open-source vs Enterprise Bespoke Financial Software: Beware the Hidden Costs

In 1993, international tyre company Pirelli released an advert with the tagline, ‘power is nothing without control’. This rang true across all industries, including the financial services one. In fact, while choosing the right financial software is slightly more complicated than picking out new tyres for your car, the sentiment is the same because without...

Software That Helps You Avoid Human Bias in Trading & Performance Perception

As human beings, we are prone to bias against things that we perceive to be bad, or which go against our objectives. This is ingrained in all of us, and affects every area of our lives, including our work. In trading, that can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful investment, but there is...

Listening Is The Key To Building High-Performance Financial Software Tools

Building a successful business requires a number of factors; and just as in cooking, choosing quality ingredients can make the difference between a mediocre meal and a mind-blowing one. The third ingredient in this recipe we’re brewing here is high-performance financial software tools that ensure your work is done quicker and more accurately.   We...

Individuals As Part Of A Financial Team: How Our Software Helps In Creating Financial Leaders

Last week we discussed how the All Blacks’ principle of unity could aid in your financial teamwork. But when it comes to creating financial leaders, we can’t forget the individual and how important giving every member on your team the tools to shine is…   Every Star Has Its Own Brightness He maramatanga tō tēnei...

Unity: How To Implement All Black’s Secret To Ensure Successful Financial Teamwork

Sports is one of those things that can bring us together: just think about how the World Cup makes everyone get together to watch a game… Even non-football fans get in on the action! But what does this have to do with financial software development, we hear you say. Well, sports actually has a lot...

Engage Or Employ: What’s Best For SMEs When It Comes To Working With Financial Software Developers?

Over the past three weeks, we have been exploring the various elements that come into play when looking to automate financial processes or working on trading idea automation… With this one, we come back full circle with a simple yet crucial question every financial SME should ask itself: Is it better to employ a team...