The ‘R’ In The GROW Model – Your Reality & How Robot Investment Software Can Counter Human Bias

Machines and software are built and designed by human beings. That means that no matter how hard we try, technology can’t achieve results that are not in some way influenced by human biases. But that doesn’t mean that a set of rules can’t define machine behaviour and change your Reality!   Look At Your Reality...

The ‘G’ In The GROW Model – How Using Robot Investment Software Can Help You Reach Your Financial Strategy Goals

Our relationship with machines is neither clear-cut nor static. Instead, ongoing work helps perfect its outcomes and build trust, which is necessary when letting an abstract algorithm conduct important tasks like investments. But, as always, it’s the human element that ensures favourable results, and our experience has shown that the best way to achieve this...

How AUTOMAN can help you reconcile bank and broker statements

In this four-part blog series, we looked at reconciliation: why it is important, and the many pitfalls that companies face, particularly those SMEs that can’t afford in-house coding experts. But we didn’t come here to present you with more problems, we also have solutions.   Allow us to introduce AUTOMAN AUTOMAN is a powerful data...