The data modelling expert

DEEPMODE is our powerful data modelling software

that lets you create financial and investment models without the need for an in-house team of programmers or experts.

Unique ideas require custom-made solutions. Are you ready to take the leap?
Wakett DEEPMODE Data Modelling sfotware

Developing, coding, and maintaining processing models in-house is expensive and time-consuming.

But the process with which many companies create theirs can result in models which do not really work based on their needs.

We are here to improve your data modelling robustness with DEEPMODE,

a super powerful data processing and modelling tool that lets you optimise models that require massive tests.

This data modelling software works by integrating models into a Complex Event Processing framework,

which gives DEEPMODE the ability to combine your unique approach to looking at data with a high-performance mechanism that gives you full control of your data processing.

The result is a totally customisable software

that allows your data models to go live, and which makes it easier for you to extract the exact information you require. Meanwhile, its flexible nature means that it can have integrated portfolio back-tests with one-minute synchronisation, and even the ability to read and understand the results from different perspectives.

The best part is that this data modelling software comes with an outsourced team of experts

that works directly with you to identify your needs, as well as to make all the necessary updates and maintenance work.

So, why not get in touch with us to discover how DEEPMODE and Complex Modelling could help your company?