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Fast Spot FX Trading: How CYBMIND Makes This Job A Breeze – Wakett Tips

When it comes to FX trading, a few milliseconds here and there can make a huge difference to your bottom line by the end of the year. This means that achieving fast FX trading is imperative to getting a good price, reducing slippage, and being more efficient. Our investment strategy software, CYBMIND, helps make this a reality thanks to its Spot FX trading-specific features. Here’s how it works.


Which Connectivity Can Help Your Spot FX Execution?

Let’s start from the pain points: as many of you will surely know, London LD4 and NY5 New York are the main centres where all the big liquidity providers are present and where the majority of spot FX transactions are executed. This results in cut-throat competition, where trades take place in milliseconds

This requires active traders to adapt to the market in order to keep afloat, which includes removing any lags in your FX trades, even ones that are just 30-milliseconds. Not doing so can make a huge difference to your portfolio’s performance, especially if you’re trading billions of euro’s worth of currencies per month.

Moreover, you need to reduce your margin of rejection on your trades, which is not as straightforward as it sounds given only a few providers offer firm liquidity and your LPs have to base their decisions on the ‘the last look’. 

Yet this is a headache in itself, as even the fastest internet connection can result in a 30- to 60-millisecond delay for your information to reach you if you’re connected to LD4 from Central Europe. So, what you need is a service that is faster than fast and which ensures you have real-time information that’s continuously being updated.

CYBMIND with integrated Spotfire® can do all this and make fast spot FX trading a reality.


How Can CYBMIND Help My Trade Execution?

The answer here is ‘colocation’, which is a key point that needs to be discussed before anything else is said or done.

We have designed CYMBIND to provide our clients with the flexibility to deploy their applications in the requested data centre while also cross-connecting with their LPs to minimise latency. But that’s only one part of this software’s job.

CYBMIND monitors your Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA), keeping you aware of how much each execution has cost you, as well as of any slippage, which is essential if you want to keep your trading costs under control. It also lets you know if you need to work with your LP to have a different liquidity setup in order to better fill your trades.

Finally, CYBMIND lets us turn your strategy into an execution algo using ready-coded building blocks that can be customised to your strategy style and size at a much faster rate than any other tailored software. This will make fast spot FX trading a reality, while improving your performance overall.


Improve Your Trading Execution Through CYBMIND with Integrated Spotfire®

CYBMIND with integrated Spotfire® has been designed to connect with multiple venues and to aggregate liquidity to improve your execution. Together, the TCA module, real-time liquidity analysis, and custom-order algo provide all the options you may need to perform better. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to discuss your needs, improve your Spot FX trading returns, and start saving on your costs!