Financial Admin forFamily Offices & Wealth Managers

to automate reconciliation, statement transformation, & custom reporting
Automatically collect and reconcile data from multiple sources and in different formats.
Transform statements from providers into clean data adapted to your system.
Protect data from manual work corruption by working on a central database that lets you export data with custom reporting and files to visualise it in interactive and pixel-perfect reports.
Replace repetitive manual work with automated coded tasks that run 24/7 according to your rules.
Combine, transform, and run calculations on raw data to produce custom format files and reports.
Centralise investor registries, manage investment cycles, and report on premises solutions with custom designs.
Fast reconciliation
Real-time and scheduled
  • Check your raw data and spot any discrepancies before importing it into your system
  • Reconcile FIX messages with Statements
  • Apply commission calculation to check provider fees
  • Check swap charges
  • Aggregate and transform data according to custom rules
Statement transformation
Normalise external data
  • Transform PDF statements into clean tables
  • Convert data format by custom rules
  • Group data and apply custom calculations
  • Group data by different cut-off time
  • Calculate open positions from trades by custom rules
Replace Excel tasks
Go beyond manual work
  • Replace manual data transformation by custom coding
  • Generate custom formatted Excel
  • Automatically populate cells to remove copy-and-paste work
  • Automate task sequences to replace manual work
  • Avoid data corruption by storing it in a database from which you can automatically produce custom Excel sheets
Transform data
Normalise workflow
  • Transform raw data into a different format
  • Apply coding transformations via automated mapping
  • Automatically retrieve data from multiple sources and save it in a custom format
  • Combine multiple files from multiple sources to produce custom data tables
  • Combine or aggregate different fields to produce custom data
Custom Reporting
Inform in any format
  • Produce PDF with custom pixel perfect design
  • Produce formatted Excel with multiple tabs
  • Generate interactive html charts with your data
  • Automatically populate data in Word files
  • Generate updated PowerPoint presentations with the latest data
  • Export data in XML or any other format needed
Fund Registry
Centralised database
  • Manage your investor registry in one place
  • Track the administrative investment cycle to trigger actions
  • Transfer, switch, & redeem-in-kind investment by automated processes
  • Access data from multiple sources, with diversified power for different users
  • Apply joint approval rules for particular changes
Investors Reporting
Custom pixel perfect
  • Enjoy pixel perfect reporting with custom design
  • Send bulk emails with attachments
  • Manage paper reporting cycle
  • Produce historical valuation for investors
Download Data
Easily collect data from any source
  • Collect financial data automatically
  • Schedule tasks
  • Grab data from web pages
  • Automatically download files from web portals
  • Read data in multiple formats
Alerts & Notifications
Keep team members informed
  • Automated messages via e-mail, SMS, phone calls, and WhatsApp
  • Keep team members informed on processing status
  • Manage any exception according to custom rules
  • Notify the error type to request human check and action

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