Financial Analytics forFunds & Fund Administrators

to apply quantitative analytics & enjoy trade surveillance alert system capabilities
Explore and model data via customisable analytics and stay informed in real-time through custom reporting.
Monitor investments according to your custom rules through live trading surveillance and valuation. Easily combine real-time and static data in one view.
Stay in control from anywhere, 24/7, thanks to the dedicated desktop and mobile dashboards that can be customised for multiple users.
Custom dashboard and reporting
  • Explore data via custom dashboards
  • Combine live and static data analyses for multiple types of users
  • Schedule automated report exports
  • Enjoy web dashboard optimised for mobile
  • Integrate any library to process your data
  • Set up automated notifications in several systems
Dedicated Dashboard
Desktop and mobile
  • Enable data visualisation according to your needs
  • Add multiple user controls and restrictions
  • Integrate custom charting and table views
  • Enjoy desktop and mobile optimised versions
  • Enable file export with formatting
  • Add automated alerts and notifications with custom rules
Alert System
Multi-channel notifications
  • Send alerts and perform automated actions
  • Design and integrate your set of rules in each module to produce the associated actions
  • Communicate with your team via email, SMS, automated phone calls, or WhatsApp, to notify them about specifiic events
  • Allow users to reply on alerts to send commands to the system
  • Stay in control through multiple levels of power per type of user

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