Financial Technology forFunds & Fund Administrators

to connect to any provider through high-computation power derived from Event Stream Processing (ESP) technology
High computational power and Event Stream Processing (ESP) capabilities allow you to manage thousands of messages per second and run real-time actions on the fly.
Wakett proudly works in partnership with TIBCO Software Inc., one of the world’s leading business intelligence software providers, to give SMEs access to the same software large corporations and banks do at a fraction of the price.
Connect with any provider
Anywhere and in any format
  • Work with any provider and any protocol
  • Cross-connect for fast connectivity
  • Work with redundant connection to always be live
  • Optimise data exchnage with custom messages
  • Combine different data sources
  • Monitor, and be notified automatically by, your connectivity modules
High-computational power (ESP)
Process and act in milliseconds
  • Make the most of custom clusters with Event Stream Processing modules
  • Act in milliseconds and empower computation through dedicated hardware and GPU
  • Run massive calculations via optimased multithreading computing
  • Run back-testing with the same framework used for live trading by accelerated data
  • Synchronise multithread processes
  • Distribute computations on multiple servers with high availability
Fast time-to-market
Modules and Adapters that are ready to go
  • Save >50% of time by visual coding
  • Combine multiple modules, which are ready to go
  • Benefit from 100s of Adapters to quickly integrate providers and applicatons
  • Accelerate development and maintenance through Wakett modules

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