Further Benefits of Event Stream Processing by TIBCO™ with Wakett Framework

For a solution to be truly worth its salt, it must be holistic in its benefits and approach

If we take something as simple and as crucial as reading glasses, they wouldn’t be of much use if they weren’t comfortable to wear, designed to go unnoticed by the reader, and small enough to be carried around, right?

Well, the same can be said for digital solutions that promise to help make the work of financial managers at small-to-medium enterprises easier. In fact, while the market is saturated with so-called ‘solutions’, we’ve found many lacking some of the basic functions we needed for the task.

So, you may be wondering, what does the Event Stream Processing solution, created by TIBCO™ technology, offer that others don’t?


The Benefits of Event Stream Processing by TIBCO™ with the Wakett Framework

Saves Time: As we previously explored, our framework uses TIBCO™’s groundbreaking concept to offer faster financial software development. This is down to two main reasons. The first is that TIBCO™ have programmed components that can replace coding lines in financial software. Then, we created special flows with these components that can be quickly customised to your needs. All this can save you at least 50% of the development time, helping get your ideas to market faster.

More Affordable: This makes this software a lot more affordable than customisable software that is created from scratch specifically for you. It also doesn’t require you to have in-house developers and programmers to maintain and code it, saving you even more money in the long run.

Super Powerful: Although this framework allows for a faster turn-around, it is by no means less powerful than off-the-shelf software or even software used by the world’s top banks. In fact, thanks to TIBCO™’s amazing technology, you’ll have access to hundreds of embedded adapters that let you collect, normalise, and take action on financial data from myriad sources, including financial exchanges, market data, banks, brokers, providers like Bloomberg, and even emails you receive. You can read more about that in our article on how TIBCO™ Streaming Adapters Are Part of the Secret to Building Faster & Better Financial Software.

But wait, there are even more benefits!


It Runs on Distributed Multiple Servers

TIBCO™ has been in the game since 1985, servicing banks, exchanges, and some of the world’s largest financial corporations. This means that the company requires some serious technology with high computational power to help financial companies process their data quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

To do this, by TIBCO™ technology makes it possible to run applications over a whole network of servers located all across the globe, giving it ever-growing power to help companies reach their goals.

Plus, this means that you can also have a piece of software that is completely scalable. So, when you grow, you can keep using the same software without the need to reprogram everything from scratch. (P.S. at the risk of boasting, this helps save you more time and money in the long-run, too!)


100% Uptime by High-Availability!

The Australian Securities Exchange (‘ASX’) has experienced two decades’ uptime thanks to TIBCO™ solutions. 

Yes, you read that right, over these past 20 years, the ASX has never experienced any unscheduled downtime, ensuring its clients always had trading continuity and access to their data.

This is another key benefit of the TIBCO™ Event Stream Processing, as it offers you the same continuity and service so many large corporations have used to keep going and growing!


Not enough? There are even more benefits to our Wakett Framework with the TIBCO™ Event Stream Processing.

All of the above shows just how powerful and valuable the framework can be for SMEs, but there’s an even bigger benefit that requires its own article. Join us next week as we explore how the Wakett Framework with TIBCO™ Streaming allows companies to conduct backtesting using the same real-time environment.