How Bespoke Software for Hedge Funds Can Boost SMEs’ Prospects

If you work at a financial SME and believe that bespoke software for hedge funds is out of your budget, then this article is for you. See, CYBMIND, our investment strategy automation software, can be tailored, as well as scaled up or down, but comes at a fraction of the price many other bespoke solutions carry.


Why SMEs Struggle With Finding the Right Software

Whether you’re a financial company that’s starting out or trying to keep to its niche, the reality is that finding the right software to help you in your day-to-day financial tasks can be daunting.

We’ve worked with many companies that either used basic software (think Microsoft Excel) or dedicated, off-the-shelf software, which while decent, doesn’t really fulfil all of their requirements.

If that sounds familiar, then we’re here to tell you that bespoke software for hedge funds should be your next investment to help save you time, manage your investments better, and reduce expenses in the long run.


The Key Factors of Bespoke Software for Hedge Funds

Many companies ask us how it can be possible for our bespoke financial software to save them money. The secret lies in the functions that it brings to be table.

  • Connection: CYBMIND allows you to connect in streaming with any market data provider and any venue you trade in – and when we say any, we mean any. Our software removes the need for you to have different types of software to achieve this. It also saves on precious work hours spent on consolidating the information between systems.
  • High Computational Power: CYBMIND comes with a powerful cluster deployment feature that can be scaled up, as well as down, as your business needs change. It also gives you the opportunity to choose your own colocation, optimise multiple nodes, and create hybrid set-ups. This is very different from what is offered by most off-the-shelf solutions, which have limited computational abilities and no colocation options. Once again, you won’t need any other software to achieve this.
  • Integration: CYBMIND lets you integrate your investment strategy, portfolio, and risk controls as needed. This means the software is built around your model and needs, rather than the other way round. In turn, this saves you money on having to change your system to fit the software or work on processes manually.
  • One System: CYBMIND can do everything from order generation to execution, while leaving the full control of your investment strategy in your able and experienced hands. This frees up many work hours, which you can then use to focus on and improve your strategy.


Discover the Power of CYBMIND, Our Bespoke Software for Hedge Funds

CYBMIND has all of these features, making it equivalent to a small army of employees working on your hedge funds. Moreover, it is built using a particular blueprint that allows us to customise it to your exact needs without the need for us to design it from scratch every time. That keeps our price tag low, and our expectations of it very high.

So, if you’d like to know how it could help your SME, get in touch with us with no obligation!