How Better Connectivity In Financial Services Can Boost Your Performance

Remote working doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it takes place within a scenario where tasks and experiences are distributed among people working from different locations. Their goal, however, is shared, and they need to interact among each other, with providers from across the world, and with centralised systems, for things to run smoothly. That’s why connectivity in financial services needs to be optimised using software tools that are built around your company and team’s needs. 

Wakett’s software does exactly that.


Connectivity Is The Key To Success…

Last week, we looked at how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way financial remote working happens, with both employees and businesses demanding more flexibility from their roles. But the reality is that everything else also needs to be flexible for it to make sense – and that certainly includes the software we use.

Thankfully, we live in an age in which internet speeds allow us to conduct tasks that would have once been practically impossible: live meetings with dozens of attendees, the sharing of large files in seconds, and access to centralised software from wherever we are, are just some examples of how this is so.


…But You Need Two Keys To Fully Unlock the Door

While all this is indeed wonderful, it is simply not enough for a financial business to thrive. Instead, you also have to harness the power of your data, which essentially needs to be collected, processed, stored, and delivered to your team for it to become the valuable resource it should be.

That’s why our software aims to connect your people while also helping you make the most of the data you already have. But instead of asking you to manually compile and aggregate that data, our software does it for you, saving you time, money, and plenty of headaches in the process.


We Have The Perfect Partners To Ensure Connectivity In Financial Services

This is done through native technology that allows for multiple-source connectivity, which is essential for long-term success in a world where electronic trading is swiftly taking over.

But we don’t go at it alone. To build and manage a broad range of connectivity solutions that can provide you with real-time event processing power, we proudly work with TIBCO®, a global leader in enterprise data.  

Through its signature software – TIBCO® Streaming – the company has worked with some large corporations including some of the world’s leading banks. Now, thanks to our input, this is also available to smaller financial enterprises so you, too, can be connected to multiple providers, and easily integrate dataflows across multiple internal and external systems.


Even More Benefits To Wakett’s Framework

But there are even more benefits to our collaboration with TIBCO®. 

Indeed, our software:

  • can be customised to your systems, allowing for smoother integration;
  • can be coded visually using TIBCO®’s special programming language, making its creation more efficient and decreasing your time to market by at least 50%; and 
  • comes with Wakett framework modules that can save precious time during its creation, helping you save years on development.

Plus, data aggregated using our software can be centrally stored to ensure conformity among all users, while the custom-built dashboard allows for an easy and interactive experience when accessing and interpreting your data. 

So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time and money and get in touch with us to find out how we can help you!