ESP11 August 2023by Wakett

How TIBCO Streaming Adapters Work + How They Can Benefit Your Business

TIBCO Streaming Adapters are basically plug-ins that can be added or removed from any Event Stream Processing framework that supports them. Wakett’s software is one such framework, giving you the benefits of using world-class software akin to that used by leading banks at a price tag that even financial SMEs can afford.


What are TIBCO Streaming Adapters and How Do They Work?

In a nutshell, a Streaming Adapter is something that you add on to your Event Stream Processing framework in order to convert data from one format to another. This includes:

  • Converting data received in real-time from financial markets, news streams, social media, push notifications, or even Internet-of-Things devices, from any format to any format
  • Converting and normalising data from CSV files, databases, emails, html files, and more. 
  • Converting data that’s already been processed through StreamBase tuples into other formats, like XML files, email, Web Api calls, specific protocol messages like Json and FIX, and lots more.


What are the Benefits of using TIBCO Streaming Adapters?

Basically, these Streaming Adapters are self-contained pieces of code that can transform data. Since they are already pre-programmed and maintained by TIBCO, you will not need to start from scratch when you’re designing your financial strategy Event Stream Processing framework.

This means faster time-to-market, giving you the ability to make data-driven portfolio decisions based on the latest data that is constantly updated without the need for employees to do the job manually.

Moreover, because they automatically and autonomously transform data both entering and leaving your system, you can ensure that the data contains only the information that is pertinent to you in a format that works for you, your business partners, or your clients.


What Kind of TIBCO Streaming Adapters Are There?

Loads, and loads, and loads! In fact, the list runs into the 100s, and includes options that range from format (such as POP3 and FIX), to specific markets and exchanges (CME, Wall Street, Bloomberg, etc), to social media feeds (including Twitter).

You can see the full list of TIBCO Streaming Adapters on TIBCO’s official website.


TIBCO Streaming Adapters Can Easily Be Embedded into Wakett’s Software

TIBCO is one of the leading intelligence software providers, trusted by some of the world’s biggest banks, exchanges, and financial services companies. It is also one of our partners, and we use their Streaming Adapters to give our clients even more benefits.

So, why not get in touch with us to discover how the Wakett Framework with TIBCO Streaming Adapters could help you realise your company’s full potential?