How To Automate Data Entry For Maximum Benefits

When humans moved from the horse-drawn carriage to the automobile, the change did not require us to attach a mechanical horse the carriage, but to make a four-wheel vehicle with a motor. This may sound like a random way to begin an article about how to automate data entry for financial businesses, but it’s the crux of matter.


What’s the Proper Way to Automate Data Entry?

Our clients are in the business of financial and investment trading, so they often have to deal with huge amounts of data that they have to source, transform, enter into a database or spreadsheet, and then analyse

This means that, more often than not, their teams spend many hours each and every week on a task that, while crucial to their business, is repetitive, boring, and not very efficient. Even so, when they speak to us to help them automate data entry, their main concern is how to change their metaphorical horse into a robotic one, keeping the process exactly the same instead of taking the time to develop an automobile with wheels and an engine.

But this is where our expertise in both the financial markets and technology comes in, as we have understood that the best way forward isn’t just to change one part of an inefficient process, but to look at it from start to finish and see how things can be done differently and better.

We Analyse Your Workflow and Customise Our Software Based on Your Needs

The first part in creating bespoke automation software that works around your needs is to put our heads together to see exactly how you work. This includes the different steps your company takes when working on the process of creating its data management and database, from collection to analysis. 

This, in turn, helps us come up with an automatic workflow that doesn’t just replace some of the tasks humans do in the process but, rather, adds value, reduces errors, increases insight, and quickens the speed at every step.


Are You Ready to Revolutionise Your Workflow?

All of this goes into ensuring that AUTOMAN, our software that lets you automate data entry and processing, becomes an integral part of your process to help you achieve the vision you have for your business.

So, if you’d like to know more, get in touch with us and discover how to automate data entry around your specific needs.