How To Invest in Scalable Financial Software for Better Growth

Any small-to-medium enterprise hoping to one day grow has to think about the future. Part of that plan also has to be its software, which keeps it running. That’s why investing in scalable financial software is so important.


The Problem With Most Financial Software

Most financial software tends to fall within one of two categories: off-the-shelf or custom-built.

While both of these types have a place in the financial industry, the reality is that they can hinder SMEs.

Off-the-shelf software is rarely customisable to your needs and a growing company will often have to find alternatives in order to keep its processes running smoothly.

Custom-built software, while it is designed around your specific needs, is often beyond the budgets of most SMEs. And, even if the initial cost isn’t, the running and maintenance costs can quickly add up, especially as your operations increase and more people need access to it. In fact, we have a whole article dedicated to the hidden costs of financial software.


Scalable Financial Software from Wakett Combines the Best of Both Worlds

At Wakett, we have worked on software blueprints that allow all our solutions to be both customisable and scalable. 

This means that at the start of your journey with us, you decide which procedures you’d like the software to do for you: collect data, transform it, analyse it, or use it to take actions or predict future outcomes. Then, as you grow your company, the software will grow with you at minimal cost to you.

All this is possible thanks to a number of factors:

  • The blueprints we have created can be customised to your needs, no matter the size of the company or financial processes it undertakes. 
  • We have collaborated with global infrastructure leaders, TIBCO®, which provide many of the world’s biggest banks and corporations with their software. Through this partnership, the Wakett Framework can support TIBCO Streaming® and the myriad adapters that come with it, ensuring you have scalable financial software at a fraction of the price.
  • Our software also comes with guaranteed maintenance and tech support, so you’ll always be covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to discover how our solutions could help your company grow its business faster and smoother.