How To Trade Better With Multi-User Trading Software for Asset Managers

Multi-user trading software lets asset managers overseeing teams of portfolio managers and traders decide who can manage portfolios, strategies, and instruments. These ingenious pieces of software also give each member of your team the possibility to view the overall picture of the accounts they’re responsible for and make their trades, ensuring cohesion and uniformity in strategy execution. 


Why Are Multi-User Configurations So Important?

Not all multi-user trading software are the same. But what we can guarantee is that our investment strategy automation wizard, CYBMIND, solves one of the biggest issues faced by asset managers. It does so by allowing for flexibility when it comes to what each member can view or trade, keeping you in complete control.

These configurations can be made on a number of parameters, including: 

  • Venues: CYBMIND lets you connect multiple venues to one platform, giving you the ability to see all the data pertinent to you on one interface. Even so, it also allows you to select which users can connect to any specific venue, only giving each member access to the venues they need to get their job done.
  • Accounts: Once you have authorised who can see which venues, you can then create configurations for which users can view or trade any account you work on. This helps you keep tabs, especially when working on very important accounts that require a certain level of knowledge or experience.
  • Strategy: While a portfolio manager would need to have access to all the funds in their accounts in order to monitor the aggregated positions, a single trader doesn’t. That’s why our software allows you to operate multiple investment strategies simultaneously, while choosing who can run which strategy, be it manual or automated.
  • Instrument: The last level of this configuration allows you to choose whether a user is authorised to trade an instrument, monitor it, or not seeing it at all. This can be applied to single instruments or even a number of them, adding even more flexibility to your control.  


Discover CYBMIND, Our Multi-User Trading Software

If you’re ready to combine a centralised, real-time view of your investments with having the power to easily decide which members of your team get access to certain venues, accounts, strategies, or instruments, then CYBMIND is certainly a good option for you. 

So, why not get in touch with us to discover how it could improve your trading?