How Wakett’s Investment Strategy Automation for Hedge Funds Software Can Boost Your Business

What is the job of a systematic manager? In a nutshell, we’d say it’s to develop a successful investment strategy, apply it, manage the regulated entity, raise the assets under management, and sort out the infrastructure of running the business. 

This is a huge role by any account, but it’s even harder for systematic investment managers at smaller businesses or at businesses which are still in the start-up phase, which may not have access to the same resources managers in larger corporations do. But this doesn’t mean that you need to exhaust yourself in the pursuit of achieving your hedge fund goals. Instead, you can use strategy automation for hedge funds software.


What Is It You Need Done?

As we have explored in our previous article on identifying software requirements, one of the best ways to get to a solution is to look at where you are currently and where you’d like the tool at your disposal – in this case, the software – to take you.

Of course, one component is generating a trading signal, but this isn’t enough. You also need investment strategy automation for hedge funds software to:

  1. Connect with market data,
  2. Run calculations on market data to feed the strategy,
  3. Send trading orders and monitor market positions,
  4. Control risk limits and portfolio valuations,
  5. Visualise data and build control systems,
  6. Manage alerts and produce reports,
  7. Sort redundant systems for business continuity, and
  8. Run operations and communications to investors.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it brings together the most important activities required while showcasing how coming up with an investment strategy is only one piece of the puzzle.


How Do You Deal With all This as a Systematic Investment Manager in a Small Business?

When you are an investment manager in an SME, it is reasonable to focus on the key drivers of success and delegate or outsource the rest. 

But the question you should be asking yourself is: Why should you delegate to an already-stretched team or wait aeons while developers create a system just for you when there are people out there who have already created powerful trading infrastructure?

The Wakett Framework and, in particular, CYBMIND, our investment strategy automation software, have been designed around this philosophy: they are a one-stop-shop investment strategy automation for hedge funds software that saves you time and money while allowing you to become more competitive  


How Does the Wakett Framework Work & Why Is It Useful?

The core of the Wakett Framework can communicate with any external framework in multiple ways be it for static or streaming data, namely by script, API, FIX, file exchange, or different communication methodology to gather the data you require. 

It then sorts it out to your specifications, alerts you to any changes and, using machine-learning processes, conducts actions on your behalf. Moreover, if more IP confidentiality is needed, you can focus on the strategy while the software’s protocol exchanges orders and the custom matrix manages them according to your strategy rules.  

By integrating this Framework with a flexible infrastructure, you can quickly deploy your strategy and go live within just a few months (as opposed to years with some other solutions). The best part is that the software can be customised to your exact needs using TIBCO® modules and more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Simplify your role, give yourself more time to focus on your strategy, and improve your chances of doing better than the competition by contacting us today.