Increase Your Financial Market Speed with the Right Systematic Trading Software

Systematic software, which is also known as robot trading software, employs strategy automation algorithms to turn your strategy into an automated series of actions. This helps you improve your financial market speed and gives you the chance to sell or buy assets faster and more accurately.


The Problem Companies Face With the Current Financial Market Speeds

In a world of electronic trading, where companies employ software and algorithms to analyse their data, automate their strategies, and make decisions on their behalf, speed is of the essence.

In fact, electronic trading has completely changed the speed of the financial markets: gone are the days when traders would have time to physically and manually pore over financial data and statistics to see whether an investment is worthwhile. Today, the price of securities and assets can change astronomically within minutes by a piece of breaking news, a conference, or even a Tweet, and you’ll only have seconds to act.


Why Robot Trading Software Can Help With Financial Market Speeds

Basically, what you need to weather these waves is software that can quickly analyse the situation and make decisions based on your predetermined rules and limits

Systematic software does just that by processinging multiple flaws of data derived from stocks, bonds, markets, exchanges, banks, and so on, and then looks at how these could impact your portfolio based on your strategy. 

It then makes decisions on buying, selling, hedging, trading, and financial exchange processes automatically.


Can SMEs Afford Such Software?

While there are many types of Systematic software out there, the reality is that most off-the-shelf variety cannot be tailored specifically to your strategy, and the custom-made software kind with huge price tags.

As experts in both the technological and financial fields, we understand that all too well. In fact, we have created software that comes with a predetermined blueprint that can easily be customised to your needs, and which can also run adapters by our main partner, TIBCO®

This allows us to make it more affordable for SMEs, giving you the chance to play among the big fish through improved financial market speeds!

And what are its benefits, you may ask? Well, this software allows you to use one system to streamline your data collection from any source, analyse it, transform it, make calculations, and take actions all from one place. The best part is that while it’s all done autonomously, you are still 100% in control of the action. In essence, it’s like having a 100 assistants monitoring and effecting actions on your behalf, 24/7!

So get in touch with us to find out how our software could help you thrive!