Introducing CYBMIND with Integrated TIBCO® Streaming

Investment trading is a complex world of goals, risk controls, and rules that you need to follow in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your portfolio strategy. Our CYBMIND systematic trading software makes this process a breeze, allowing you to achieve your goals with speed, automation, and better accuracy.


What is CYBMIND?

CYBMIND has been created as a framework solution to let you automate trading and meet multiple needs. It has the flexibility to:

  • connect with any venue, 
  • process large volumes of data in real-time, and 
  • run trading strategies with any time frame.

This systematic trading software also comes with several modules that communicate with one another. In fact, by combining their capabilities, it’ll be possible to build a custom streaming application that is configured, deployed, and launched on a server that fits your exact and specific needs.


How is TIBCO® Streaming Incorporated Into This Systematic Trading Software?

The module communication interface comes with TIBCO® Streaming technology, and is responsible for opening and maintaining data-stream channels with multiple providers. 

TIBCO® Streaming Adapters offer the best possible data connectivity and transformation solutions with connectors to hundreds of providers. 

These are ready to go, developed, and maintained by TIBCO®, one of the world’s most successful and reliable intelligence software companies trusted by banks and exchanges alike.


What TIBCO® Streaming Modules are Already Integrated?

There are numerous TIBCO® Streaming modules that help give our CYBMIND systematic trading software its power. Some of the most important are: 

  • The Price Book Manager, which is capable of maintaining price books in memory, aggregate liquidity, and send market data information to other framework modules.


  • The Time-Frame Generator, which generates time series data from market data streaming, and, eventually, enrich it with calculated or other specific data. 


  • The Alarm System, which collects log tuples from all the modules, sends you alerts, and performs actions. 


  • The Automatic Reconciliation, which is used to reconcile stream data and intra-day broker/bank statements from web portals in real time. 


  • The ML/AI, which is used to plug in Machine Learning and AI models, as well as to call custom code or libraries in multiple languages.


  • The Back-Test Engine, which allows you to back-test with the same software you use to run live trading, resulting in an accelerated flow of historical data. 


  • The Portfolio/Cash Manager, which is used to trade symbols and run multiple strategies, is scalable, and can communicate with external models to refine decision-making processes by running codes in R, Python, C++, and .NET.


But there’s more! 

In addition, by integrating DEEPMODE, a TIBCO® Streaming module used to apply custom data modelling, you can create financial and investment models that process high-volume data from multiple sources in real time. 

Meanwhile, by integrating the NEXTVIEW module, which executes predictive modelling and automates forecasting activities, you can tailor your computations and extract precise information for your decision-making processes.


Are You Ready To Let CYBMIND Systematic Trading Software Boost Your Capabilities?

All this makes Wakett’s CYBMIND software incredibly powerful, ensuring you can trade faster and achieve better results. 

So, if you’d like to discover how it could help your company thrive, get in touch with us!