Monitor Trading Efficiency with CYBMIND & Improve Your Strategy

If you need to monitor trading efficiency, then you have two routes you can head down: either have employees manually noting how much each security was bought and sold for, or let software do it for you.


Meet CYBMIND, Our Software That Lets You Monitor Trading Efficiency

Every financial investment company has to ensure that its strategy is working in an efficient manner that brings in profit. To do this, there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure data completeness and strategy improvement

CYBMIND is our investment strategy automation software that has been designed with this in mind, and which calculates your efficiency by working with data that it collects through any source you link it to. 

This data is then clustered into groups of related components and used to understand how market volatility is affecting trading efficiency. Moreover, through its flexible nature, CYBMIND lets you apply its trade metric to all of your trades, no matter how many you undertake. This helps you keep tabs on slippage effects without giving your employees extra work.

While all this is great, it’s still just the beginning as the software publishes analytical transaction cost analyses reports on how much profit or loss you made on each security you trade, how the price of the security went up or down during trading, and much, much more.

With this, you won’t just be able to monitor your trading efficiency, but also understand the market better and finetune your strategy.


The Best Part? CYBMIND Is Completely Customisable!

We’ve developed CYBMIND to be completely customisable. It gives you the opportunity to scale things up or down according to your needs and, through our collaboration with the world’s leading intelligence software company, TIBCO®, make the most of its Streaming Adapters, which allow you to connect to any source and transform data in any format.

If this sounds good, then feel free to get in touch with us for a no-obligations consultation.