The answer to howBanks & Depositary Banks

can improve their investment banking

High-performance trading automation, real-time portfolio control, valuation, and surveillance

Flexibile, scalable, multi-node distribution to trade globally with institutional standards

Analytics to monitor and report investments and risks.
Stay informed 24/7

Automate your operations, accounting, statement processing,
and reporting



Automate trading and run Systematic Strategies with any time-frame and on any asset class. This process is powered by fast computation and real-time risk controls at portfolio-, strategy-, and instrument-levels.

Trade better with Fast Order Execution on any venue, from the cloud or through dedicated servers cross-connected via FIXAPI, binary, and custom protocols.

Manage currency trading with FX Liquidity Aggregation on multiple LPs so you can execute on several venues and be in control in any market condition. Plus, receive automated notifications according to your custom rules.

Live Portfolio Valuation, real-time strategy, and risk controls allow you to trade faster and run automated actions according to custom rules. Through the scalable infrastructure, you can deploy and grow your trading faster, as well as apply high-computation processing to large event flows.





Explore and model data via customisable analytics and stay informed in real-time through custom reporting.

Stay in control from anywhere, 24/7, thanks to the dedicated desktop and mobile dashboards that can be customised for multiple users.

Integrate and run analyses in Python & R to produce easy-to-read visualisations. Improve user experience through the interactive dashboard that is easily navigable and which allows you to quickly extract the information required. Export data in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and CSV files in a flash.

Run Transaction Cost Analyses to unlock execution details and keep costs under control. Group data by multiple categories and rules to easily discover insights.

Monitor investments according to your custom rules through live trading surveillance and valuation. Easily combine real-time and static data in one view.



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