TIBCO™ Streaming Adapters Are Part of the Secret To Building Faster & Better Financial Software

Last week, we explored how our collaboration with TIBCO™ has allowed us to create faster financial software development, with a turn-around time that’s at least 50% quicker.  As we explained, this is down to several key factors, including that TIBCO™ has turned complex code into components that can be easily moved around to create an...

The Quickest Way for SMEs To Turn Their Financial Strategy Into Code? Using Wakett and TIBCO™ Streaming’s Unique Collaboration

The rise of electronic trading has made interacting with the world’s financial markets a game of speed, where mere seconds can determine whether a trade is worth it. Yet this faster approach to trading has meant that financial managers can no longer rely on outdated technology to plan and execute their strategies… (And, yes, that...

A Quick Guide To Performing A Slippage and Liquidity Analysis

Conducting a slippage and liquidity analysis should be an important addition to every manager’s to-do list. Yet, from our experience, many find it hard to get started, particularly as they’re not sure how it should be done and what results it should generate.  Well, we’re here to help!   The Problem: Small Costs With a...

Slippage Analysis – How Much Could It Save You?

Slippage analysis is a process through which you can stay on top of your slippage costs. In fact, it can also help you put together a better financial strategy that uses past models to inform future decisions. Such processes, however, are not always easy to undertake, particularly if you don’t have the right tools for...

Slippage Costs – What Are They And How Do They Occur?

The world’s financial markets can be volatile places, particularly since the rise of electronic trading. In fact, as more investors buy securities through digital means, the chances of slippage have increased.   What Is Slippage? When buying, slippage refers to the discrepancy between the amount you expect to pay for a security and the price...