The Benefits of Financial Data Visualization Tools & Software

Analytics are important tools to visually represent parts or all your data, making it far more accessible to those working with it. This can be incredibly helpful to financial companies, which deal with huge amounts of data derived from multiple sources. But what are the exact benefits of financial data visualization tools, particularly those provided by us? 

Let’s take a look.


#1. All Your Data in One Place

Where do you get your data from? The answer is probably from multiple sources, including banks, brokers, markets, currency exchanges, providers, the blockchain, middle-office, and lots more. 

While this data is invaluable to your financial business, it can also be difficult to source and normalise into your system. Even more worryingly, it’s hard to put it all in one place and keep the original safe when so many people work with itt.

Our software has integrated Event Stream Processing software developed by TIBCO, one of the world’s leading intelligence software companies. This allows our tools to connect to multiple sources simultaneously and effortlessly. 

Moreover, it also makes our software easily scalable, so when you grow and your number of sources increases, you can keep using the same software.


#2. Data Is More Easily Explorable

The whole point of collecting data is to use it to your advantage, but it can be very difficult to do so when it’s all laid out in a Microsoft Excel sheet. 

That’s why the Wakett Framework uses TIBCO Spotfire, which gives it the ability to add dashboards that allow you to navigate and monitor both your static data and that being collected in real-time

These dashboards can be completely customised to your needs, ensuring you see what you need to see.


#3. 50% Less Time Spent on Coding

Financial data visualization tools are notoriously complicated to code and need constant updating to keep up with the market. By using TIBCO streaming software in our solutions, we can save you more than 50% of the time it normally takes developers to create your customisable software.

That means that you’ll have all your data ready to be used much faster, giving you an edge over your competitors and improving your performance.


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