Benefit fromFinancial Analytics Software

Easily explore & visualise data, create custom reports, monitor positions, add multi-user controls, & more!
Explore and model data via customisable analytics and stay informed in real-time through custom reporting.
Stay in control from anywhere, 24/7, thanks to the dedicated desktop and mobile dashboards that can be customised for multiple users.
Monitor investments according to your custom rules through live trading surveillance and valuation. Easily combine real-time and static data in one view.
Integrate and run analyses in Python & R to produce easy-to-read visualisations. Improve user experience through the interactive dashboard that is easily navigable and which allows you to quickly extract the information required. Export data in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and CSV files in a flash.
Run Transaction Cost Analyses to unlock execution details and keep costs under control. Group data by multiple categories and rules to easily discover insights.
Custom dashboard and reporting
  • Explore data via custom dashboards
  • Combine live and static data analyses for multiple types of users
  • Schedule automated report exports
  • Enjoy web dashboard optimised for mobile
  • Integrate any library to process your data
  • Set up automated notifications in several systems
Dedicated Dashboard
Desktop and mobile
  • Enable data visualisation according to your needs
  • Add multiple user controls and restrictions
  • Integrate custom charting and table views
  • Enjoy desktop and mobile optimised versions
  • Enable file export with formatting
  • Add automated alerts and notifications with custom rules
Trade Survelliance
with any time frame
  • Integrate any pre-trade controls into your strategy to allow order generation
  • Monitor your open position with any time frame by custom metrics
  • Add live trading controls at tick level
  • Make the most of the automated notifications, which can be sent to multiple users via a multitude of systems
  • Add soft and hard limits
Portfolio Analytics
Real-time and end-of-day
  • Real-time and historical valuations over any time frame and at any point in time, on the fly
  • Embed any type of chart
  • Group and filter data through multiple parameters
  • Send orders and change configuration parameters from the PMS panel
  • Highligh data by custom rules
  • Enjoy web and mobile optimisation
Alert System
Multi-channel notifications
  • Send alerts and perform automated actions
  • Design and integrate your set of rules in each module to produce the associated actions
  • Communicate with your team via email, SMS, automated phone calls, or WhatsApp, to notify them about specifiic events
  • Allow users to reply on alerts to send commands to the system
  • Stay in control through multiple levels of power per type of user
Transaction Cost Analysis
Custom grouping and reporting
  • Monitor trading costs through custom reference prices and calculations
  • Apply custom data groupings to meet different user needs
  • Get alerted and keep your team informed through automated reporting
  • Integrate a custom reporting templates
  • Make the most of the interactive html visulisation to better explore data
Live Liquidity Analysis
Market conditions under control
  • Book liquidity live stats
  • Monitor liquidity stats with custom time frames
  • Set up low liquidity controls
  • Produce interactive reporting to navigate data
  • Aggregate and filter data
Risk Analytics
Custom metrics and reporting
  • Integrate custom metrics
  • Enable automated reporting in multiple formats
  • Run live calculationa with any time frame
  • Run any model and script via scheduled tasks
  • Enable automated alerts to notify you directly
ML / AI Integrations
Run any model quickly
  • Python, R, and .NET model integration
  • Run scheduled processes
  • Manage automated training and testing
  • Visualise prediction in live
  • Combine historic and live data

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