Trading Software forInvestment Managers & Prop Traders

to run systematic strategies with live portfolio valuation & surveillance
Automate trading and run Systematic Strategies with any time-frame and on any asset class. This process is powered by fast computation and real-time risk controls at portfolio-, strategy-, and instrument-levels.
Manage currency trading with FX Liquidity Aggregation on multiple LPs so you can execute on several venues and be in control in any market condition. Plus, receive automated notifications according to your custom rules.
Trade better with Fast Order Execution on any venue, from the cloud or via dedicated servers cross-connected via FIX, API, binary, and custom protocols.
Live Portfolio Valuation, real-time strategy, and risk controls allow you to trade faster and run automated actions according to custom rules. Through the scalable infrastructure, you can deploy and grow your trading faster, as well as apply high-computation processing to large event flows.
Run Systematic Strategies
Automate multi-asset investment strategies
  • Any time frame strategy from tick to days
  • Run strategy at instrument and portfolio levels
  • Combine multiple instruments in one strategy
  • Run Machine Learning & AI models on the fly
  • Add multiple type of signals according to your rules
  • Directly integrate execution algos and partial execution controls
  • Integrate risk control at strategy-, instrument-, and portfolio-levels
Low Latency Order Execution
Multiple venues and protocols
  • Multi-asset trade execution on Equities, FX, Derivatives, CFD, Fixed Income, etc.
  • Multiple connectivity channels (FIX, API, websocket, etc.)
  • Low latency execution via cross connectivity
  • Fast event processing of thousands of messages per second
  • Track full history from order generation to execution
  • Manage order rejections and partial executions via custom rules
  • Integrate and run bespoke excution algorithms
  • Keep pending orders in memory and send out according to your rules
Live Portfolio Valuation
and risk metrics controls
  • Live NAV calculations with custom time-frame valuations
  • Multiple custom views, groupings, and filters
  • Multiple levels aggregated data and strategy details
  • Risk and valuation monitoring based on custom metrics and parameters in one-view
  • Apply automated alert notifications via e-mail, SMS, automated phone calls, or WhatsApp
  • Desktop and mobile custom dashboards
FX Liquidity Aggregation
Unlimited book-level depth
  • Aggregate any liquidity in memory
  • Unlimited book levels in memory
  • Run live book statistics to support execution
  • Combine multiple providers and manage live execution via custom rules
  • Liquidity statistics by multiple time frames
  • Multi-channel automated alerts and notification on liquidity stats and limits
  • Working hours set up per provider and instrument
Transaction Cost Analysis
Live monitoring and controls
  • Real-time TCA with custom dashboard and reporting
  • Interactive analysis by multiple grouping factors and filters
  • Multi-channel automated alerts to stay informed
  • Live market liquidity stats to improve your transactions
  • Automated reporting with custom template
  • Integrate live transaction costs information with your strategy
Live Trading Surveillance and Risk
Pre-trade, during trading, and post-trade
  • Integrated custom metrics and action rules
  • Controls run at strategy-, instrument-, and portfolio-levels
  • Monitor and limit to remain compliant
  • Soft-limits notifications to trigger human controls
  • Integrated hard limits that cannot be changed
  • Multiple notifiication channels according to your rules for better surveillance

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