Unity: How To Implement All Black’s Secret To Ensure Successful Financial Teamwork

Sports is one of those things that can bring us together: just think about how the World Cup makes everyone get together to watch a game… Even non-football fans get in on the action! But what does this have to do with financial software development, we hear you say. Well, sports actually has a lot to teach us when it comes to creating a successful flow.


New Zealand’s All Blacks

The All Blacks are one of the strongest and best performing sports teams in the world: over the past 100 years, this New Zealand rugby team has won more than 75% of its international matches. An astonishing amount unmatched by any other rugby team.

So what’s the secret to their success?


Kia urupu tatou kaua e taukumekume

The awe-inspiring haka is a Māori war dance that shows the team’s strength, unity, and pride, and the intention behind it is probably best described by this phrase: Kia urupū tātou; Kaua e taukumekum, which translates to, ‘Let us be united; not pulling against one another.

The principles behind the All Blacks’ success go deep into their Maāori tradition and culture; but they are also principles that are universal and which apply to everyone in every situation.


What Does The World’s Most Successful Sporting Team Teach Us?

In his book, Legacy, James Kerr explores the philosophy behind the All Blacks to see how we all could include it into our lives and businesses. 

As he points out, no other principle is more important for teamwork than the one about not pulling against each other, because while unity gives us strength, disharmony drives us apart.

In other words, if your team is not pulling the same rope from the same end, or if your tools are hindering you from performing at your best, then success will be that much harder to achieve. 


Try Something New

Introducing new software into your work flow could greatly improve any existing processes; not just because it ups your technical game, but also because it helps your people deal with challenges better and helps change their mindset into a can-do-driven one.

It can also help you achieve unity between the people involved in a project and gives you back one of the most precious things in the world: time. Time which you can spend talking with your people in to see where they are, where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there.

In the end, what we, you, and the All Blacks need to be successful is the same thing: a team that works together and which focuses on the goal at hand.

Our software, some of which has been created using TIBCO™ technology, can help you achieve optimal financial teamwork, so why not get in touch with us to find out how?