Enhance The Results of Your Trading Analytics with Spotfire®, An Integral Part of Our CYBMIND Software

Any sophisticated investor running electronic trading processes needs to monitor their investment in real-time and make decisions on the fly. To do this, we recommend running trading analytics with Spotfire®, a customised version of which is integrated into our CYBMIND software. 


Why is Running Trading Analytics with Spotfire® Better?

A traditional trading platform can mainly be used to monitor open positions and pending orders, or to place buy-and-sell orders. But, when you want to better understand your investment performance, risks, and costs, as well as to automate action execution, running trading analytics with Spotfire® can help you bring your trading to the next level.

Spotfire® is indeed an incredible tool, which is why we have included it in our strategy investment automation software, called CYBMIND. This was built especially for financial SMEs, and comes with a price tag that is accessible. Yet, although it is affordable, it’s still incredibly powerful and allows users to run manual and systematic trading with multiple sources and accounts, while simultaneously run analytics to monitor investment performance and risk metrics.  


The Main Benefits of Spotfire® Analytics for Your Trading

By running trading analytics with Spotfire®, which is integrated into CYBMIND, you’ll have the ability to: 

  • Monitor real-time and historical account balances through data tables, daily and intraday line charts, bar charts for performance attribution, and multiple KPI charts;
  • Aggregate data for any date period to check gross and net returns, commission and financing costs, and gross and net positions, among others;
  • Place and manage multiple independent positions for each symbol with independent risk and target parameters;
  • Measure slippage and TCA in real time and with multiple views;
  • View market open positions and P&Ls through treemap charts so you can easily spot useful information;
  • Monitor the status of each pending order via heatmap charts that highlight information without the need for scrolling through long tables;
  • Visually monitor market liquidity, and apply metrics to enable or disable executions;
  • Run automated strategies via Spotfire Streaming®, and monitor combined performance with manual trading.


How Spotfire® Streaming for Portfolio Management Can Help Your Real-time Trading 

In other words, running trading analytics with Spotfire® is perfect for anyone looking to trade multiple accounts with multiple venues and to combine multiple data sources to run your portfolio management in real-time. 

Through Spotfire Streaming®, however, it is also possible to connect any data source, aggregate it, and then process the real-time data coming from it to produce custom visualisations in one platform

Finally, the multiple modules developed by Wakett in Spotfire Streaming® provide you with the flexibility you need to build tailor-made solutions according to your investment model and workflow.

So, with all that in mind, why not get in touch with us to discover how our software can help you improve your portfolio management and make your trading more sophisticated?