How AUTOMAN can help you reconcile bank and broker statements

In this four-part blog series, we looked at reconciliation: why it is important, and the many pitfalls that companies face, particularly those SMEs that can’t afford in-house coding experts.

But we didn’t come here to present you with more problems, we also have solutions.


Allow us to introduce AUTOMAN

AUTOMAN is a powerful data processing tool that lets you reconcile bank and broker statements through automated statement processing. It does this by helping you download, save, transform, check, compare, and report data from multiple sources. Oh, it doesn’t really matter what format that data comes in, either.

This software, which is completely customisable to your needs, pretty much solves all issues surrounding supplier statement reconciliation.

Find your reports, ready and waiting, come morning.

We listen to our clients. And many of them have said the same thing: We wish we could just walk into the office in the morning and find the statement reconciliation report on our desk.

AUTOMAN can do that. In fact, it does that by processing all the data you need for your reconciliation processes from many sources and in multiple formats. It does all this automatically in the background, working efficiently through scheduled tasks that can even be in different timezones.

The data is then stored in your own database or a file storage system, so you can access it if you need to, but the result is sent to you as an easy-to-read message in a manner that suits you, be it via email, SMS, phone call, WhatsApp, or even a GUI.

If all is well, you can get on with your day. If there are reconciliation discrepancies, you can simply address them, without worrying about running out of time.

You won’t need in-house experts.

However, AUTOMAN isn’t just a piece of software that helps you reconcile bank and broker statements. It’s a service that comes with the help of our experts, who will code and maintain your software, ensuring everything is working as it should.


Are you ready to experience the benefits of AUTOMAN?

Save time: Employees no longer need to waste precious time checking statements manually.

Save money: Conduct your reconciliation quickly, diligently, and efficiently, and flag up any inconsistencies.

Reduce errors: Software doesn’t make mistakes: if it’s programmed properly, it won’t miss anything.

Improve efficiency: Work faster and better without requiring employees to dedicate time to boring tasks.

Take back control: Control your operations in a way that works for you.

Better value for money: AUTOMAN is a piece of ready-made software that is completely customisable to your needs. It costs less than getting experts to code new software for your company, and you won’t need in-house experts. It’s also software that can handle data from as many sources as you need it to, and the format the data comes in doesn’t matter. This means you won’t need extra apps or software to reconcile your bank or broker statements.


Are you ready to reconcile faster, better, and easier?

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