How Can Robot Market Analysis Help You Diversify Your Investments In a Global Market?

When it comes to investments, data is a precious commodity. Yet the way some companies collect it is akin to harvesting saffron stigmas: everything is done manually, in a repetitive and time-consuming fashion…

But what if we told you that a robot market analysis could automate your data processes and help you develop a better investment strategy?


Big Data, Little Time

Thanks to electronic trading, today’s financial markets operate faster than ever before, with new information uploaded to multiple sources every second of every day. 

This means that staying updated with all that’s going on is

  • crucial to creating a proper investment strategy that benefits your company and your clients,
  • but also impossible for human beings to keep up with.


We’re Wasting Time On Repetitive Tasks

According to a recent survey, knowledge workers like investment professionals waste more than 40% of their time on tedious administrative processes. This includes compiling reports, entering data, checking and sending emails, managing invoices, and filing piles of documents.

Yet all these tasks could easily be automated, freeing up precious time that could be spent on more fulfilling work that actually requires human input.


Here’s How Robot Market Analysis Could Change Your Time Management

Case Study #1: Your investment processes require your workers to check multiple streaming data sources, like the world market index, MSCI indexes, and macroeconomic data, to decide your next investment steps. This takes numerous hours per day, with most of that time wasted on information that will not affect your investments. 

With Robot Market Analysis: You can connect multiple streaming and data sources with different protocols via robot investment management software. This normalises your data and extracts the information you require for your specific strategy. It can also alert you to any unforeseen changes and create reports for different management levels.

Case Study #2: Unable to keep up with the thousands of microdata points released each month on topics like inflation, industrial production, and GDP, you simply ignore them. This consistently leads to missed opportunities and loss of revenue.

With Robot Market Analysis: You invest in software that combines and analyses macroeconomic data with market data news. It then compares the information, juxtaposes events, and forecasts their impact in real-time. Finally, through trading automation, it can sell, buy, or hold on to securities based on your strategy and goals.


Use This Technology To Diversify Your Investments

The best part is that you can spend more time focusing on your investment strategy. In fact, companies that use such software often feel confident enough to diversify their assets, something that is hard to do if you need to monitor each market and asset class individually.

This portfolio diversification will also reduce your risk factor, improve your overall performance, and give you the tools to make the best investment strategy for your company.

If all this sounds great, check out our next article, which explores how to run 24/7 financial market data processing!