We cross paths with CTOs in our day-to-day work, and most of them always have the same question: How do I build a more efficient process to help me deal with the sheer amount of financial data sources I get my data from? The answer to this question is software that can easily unify financial data, which you can then use in your workflow to improve your decision-making process and control.


Data Management in Finance

In Finance, as in many other industries, data is king, so data management is the bedrock on which you need to build any successful investment process.

That is a given, but today’s financial world sees a continuous increase in the volume of data and the number of financial data sources, which makes this process that much harder each year. To add insult to injury, many financial companies opt for software that has limited capabilities when it comes to communicating efficiently and that doesn’t have a centralised point of access. 

This makes keeping up with data more complicated, especially as the company grows and more people access and add to it.


Wakett Can Help You Normalise and Unify Financial Data

Over the past few years, we have worked on creating software that can simplify such processes. In fact, among our greatest accomplishments is software that can help you automate market analyses and integrate your data management process into your workflow.   

To ensure our product would be the best example of its type, we teamed up with TIBCO® to deliver solutions that are as powerful as those used by the world’s top financial corporations and companies, but at a price that financial SMEs can afford. 

As one of the global leaders in enterprise data, TIBCO® has 28 products that help clients connect, unify, and predict data. One of these products is TIBCO® Streaming software, which uses Event Stream Processing to provide the flexibility needed in the financial industry. 

This helps you connect any financial data source to it, normalise the data flow, apply any calculations needed, and keep your applications and team members informed on the fly.


Meet Growth & Market Changes Head On

To build our software we have spoken to countless clients in the financial industry, and we’ve listened to their biggest concerns. 

Among the most pertinent issues was the fact that many companies had different systems that were not updated with the same data, leading to a misalignment in information across departments. We fixed this by ensuring our software provides clients with one, centralised access point (cloud, local, or hybrid) from which data derived from multiple sources could be combined and aligned into, therefore avoiding inconsistent data between systems.  

Moreover, we’ve looked at creating systems that don’t hinder your growth. That’s why two of the key components of all our software are flexibility and scalability, which allow us to build a high-performance data management infrastructure for your financial SME that can expand with your business and that can adapt to any changes you or the market may experience.

All this is done with one aim: your peace of mind no matter which financial process you are using our software for.


Are You Ready to Unify Financial Data & a Stronger Foundation?

We are a team of developers who have decades of experience in the financial services industry, giving us unique insight into how to combine these two worlds for your benefit. That’s why our promise to clients is that our software will enable company transformation, giving you the chance to be more competitive, save on costs, and become more profitable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to find out how we could help you.