Improve Performance with Data-Driven Financial Market Analyses

Data-driven financial market analyses can be time-consuming and hard to get right, especially since the data is changing regularly. Automating them could seriously improve your performance. Here’s how.


The Importance of Market Analyses

Whenever a business is looking to make a decision, conducting an analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) is essential. While this is often associated with marketing, though, a SWOT analysis encapsulates the research that needs to go into making sound financial decisions to boost your clients’ portfolios.

After all, what data from the financial markets tells us is what is happening in the wider context and gives us an indication of whether we should sell, buy, or hold on to financial securities.


Automating Your Data-Driven Financial Market Analyses

With so much data being generated by the world’s financial markets, currency exchanges, the Blockchain, and news sites – just to mention a few – it can be difficult to keep up with all the data you need.

Data these days comes from different sources, in different formats, and at different intervals. Nevertheless, consolidating all your data into one place so you can make a decision based on the latest and most accurate information requires speed and precision.

That’s why automating your market analyses can help you keep your head above water and make decisions that are based on facts rather than just intuition.


Human Intuition Remains a Key Player in Financial Market Analyses

Before experiencing the power and benefits of our automation software, a number of our clients were worried that having software decide which data is and isn’t important to their strategy would result in pitfalls. This was quickly dispelled by the fact that our software is programmed around your specific needs and your future goals.

We, ourselves, have decades’ worth of experience in the financial field, and we conduct extensive research on your work to ensure the software takes your individual strategy into consideration. Moreover, through machine-learning algorithms, the software can learn as it goes, improving its and your performance in the process.

In other words, our Event Stream Processing technologies, which we work with TIBCO™ on, give our software the ability to process large datasets by aggregating, modelling, and analysing them accurately and efficiently

…but the ultimate decision will always rest in your hands.  


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