The Benefits of Investment Strategy Automation Software

Investment automation strategy software can be a gamechanger, but it can also feel like another complication in the world of modern financial trading, where everything has become too technologically technical. 

Yet, as we explore here, what this type of software does is turn the experience and market knowledge you and your team have amassed over the years into an algorithm, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


What Is Investment Strategy Automation Software?

In a nutshell, investment strategy automation software takes your investment rules and turns into code that can make decisions based on your parameters.

To do this, it uses what in the industry is called Event Stream Processing (ESP). The key to this process is in its name:

  • An Event is data taken at a point in time. In finances, that can be a market price, trade, valuation, or a piece of breaking news.
  • Stream is about the flowing of the information from the source, such as financial markets, to your system.
  • The Processing is when that data is checked to see whether it is relevant to your needs, valuation, and strategy or not, before being compartmentalised and saved into your database or deleted. 


Don’t Humans Already Do This Job?

This is a question many of our clients ask us and the answer is, yes, humans can do this job. But at what price?

It takes a lot of time and money in order for humans to accumulate the data needed to make wise decisions in the fields of hedge funds and electronic trading. The processes here could be incredibly long – even collecting data from multiple sources, structuring it in a way that fits your system, and then analysing it takes ages!

Considering this data needs to be updated practically daily or multiple times per day, that is a huge deal. Moreover, that doesn’t even take into consideration that humans can make mistakes, especially when they’re working with lots of numbers. 

What this leaves you with is having to pay plenty of salaries for employees who are doing boring, tedious tasks, while leaving you vulnerable to errors and time wastage

The right investment strategy automation for hedge funds software, such as our CYBMIND, helps you avoid all these pitfalls. 


How Our Strategy Automation Software Helps You Excel

By using ESP technology, our strategy automation software allows you to get access to market data, run calculations, monitor positions, and control risk limits automatically, in real-time, and with any time frames

It also helps you to sort data to be visualised easily, manage alerts, run automated actions, and issue tailored reports without the need for a human being to be present.

This gives your team the chance to focus on what’s truly important: the strategy (rather than processing the data on which it is based). In turn, this will help you focus on your clients, valuable tasks, and even take on more portfolios. 

What’s even better is that our CYBMIND software uses some components and modules developed by TIBCO®, which is one of the world’s leading business intelligence software companies. In other words, you will have access to the same software large corporations and banks do but at a fraction of the price!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to find out how we could help you – there are no obligations, so you have absolutely nothing to lose!