The Benefits of Opting For Financial Software Experts vs General Software Experts

Choosing the right people for the job is among the most critical factors in ensuring that a project is a success. So, if you’re an investment manager at a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) looking to lessen your workload, speed up your financial reporting, make your data analysis more accurate, and even sell, buy, or hold on to securities automatically, then working with financial software experts is your best bet. 

Here’s why.


We Unite Financial & Technological Expertise

The most important advantage of choosing Wakett is that we combine decades of experience in both the financial and technological fields

In fact, our Leadership Team includes:

  • past heads of multi-billion-dollar institutions,
  • advisors to several alternative investment fund managers,
  • university lecturers in financial investment, 
  • experts in programming languages like EventFlow™, Microsoft .Net, C#, and Java, 
  • warranted lawyers with a wealth of experience in European financial regulation and compliance, and 
  • professionals with degrees in statistics and machine learning.

What this gives you is a team that doesn’t just know how to programme a piece of software but that also has the right experience and expertise that will enable you to use this software to thrive. 

Why? Let’s explore the main points together, shall we?


The Pros of Working With Wakett’s Financial Software Experts vs Generic Developers

  • Things Won’t Get Lost In Translation: There is no doubt that there are many talented programmers and developers out there, but their expertise is in technology and programming languages, not in financial matters. At Wakett, our financial software experts are fluent in both, so we can use our expertise to help guide you on the best software for your exact needs and your specific strategy.
  • We UnderstandThe Regulations, The Market, & The Technology: Another important point is that we don’t just create a piece of software without any knowledge of the environment it will be used in. Instead, we guide you on how the software we create can help you achieve your goals and stay well within the regulations of the jurisdiction you operate in when you’re buying and selling securities. In other words, working with us means you don’t just get a developer, but a financial-market-savvy developer who understands how to be compliant, how financial instruments work, the real way accounting takes place, and the needs of companies like yours.
  • We’re Not In-house, But We’re Always Available: Of course, you could also employ a full-time developer just like many larger corporations and banks do. But finding a person who understands the financial market and how to programme such software is complex, which means such positions also command high wages – something that might be out of reach of most SMEs’ budgets. So, by using Wakett, you’re getting the exact same service but, in the long run, at a much smaller cost.
  • Our Software Is Built Specifically For Financial Scenarios: There are many types of data-gathering and filing software out there, including ones that automate the whole process. You may also opt for off-the-shelf software, which tends to be cheaper. But the problem with all this software is that it may not have been created for financial companies specifically. So, what this means is that you’ll need to find a way to integrate it into your workflow and train people to understand, use, and maintain it in the best possible way. On the other hand, our software is modified to your specific needs, uses financial streaming adapters to connect to any existing system, and comes complete with our experienced financial software experts’ and technical engineers’ help.
  • We’ll Work With You: The final important point is that we will work with you to create your perfect system that can be easily modified as you grow. Indeed, that was one of our ultimate goals while working on this software: building a scalable system so that SMEs can focus on their business rather than being held back by the software they paid to help them. 


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Also, join us next week as we explain why choosing the best programming language for finance and investment software is so important.