Choosing The Best Programming Language For Finance and Investment Software

When it comes to financial investments, gut feeling and intuition are not things that should be taken for granted. After all, that is what makes an experienced investment manager such an asset to any company. 

Yet these are things that are practically impossible to replicate by a computer – no, not even artificially-intelligent systems can substitute your hard-learnt intuition of when to sell, buy, or hold on to securities. And this is why choosing the best programming language for finance is crucial to turning your investment and trading ideas into reality!


Python Is Rarely The Best Choice…

A programming language is basically a set of rules that tells your computer what to do and how.

Now, there are of course many such programming languages. Those who are slightly older may even remember being taught Pascal or C at school… But among the most popular and taught programming languages right now is Python, a general-purpose, easy-to-learn coding language that comes with many limitations

The most concerning of these are that 

But there are other issues, too, such as it being ridiculously slow and not allowing you to optimise huge calculations…


So, Can I Just Go For Another Programming Language?

Well, yes, but once again, the question should be: which programming language for finance is best for your needs and fits into your current system?

See, every programming language is unique with its own pros and cons. For example,

  • C++ can help you build heavy computational applications, but it’s a more complicated language that also needs your input to manage certain components yourself, like the computer’s RAM. 
  • Java is a cross-platform language that is great when coded properly. Nevertheless, getting it wrong can mean that it takes up a lot of RAM power.

Meanwhile, both of these can be problematic if your system needs to run multiple languages and if the software your developers are used to using doesn’t make scalability easy.


Can’t I Just Leave This In The Programmer’s Hands?

If reading this is already confusing, imagine what it’s like to actually have to choose the foundation on which your system is built. Surely, you must think, the programmer will have the right solution for you, right?

Well, that depends. Most programmers are great at what they do, but do not understand the inner workings of the financial industry and the full process investment managers go through when taking action and managing positions

Some of these developers are only fluent in one particular language and naturally tend to use just that to create any new software, even if it’s not the best one for you. Again, a huge issue when considering that this is the base on which everything else needs to be built…


Leave It To Us To Choose The Best Programming Language for Finance For You

Don’t worry; we’re not just here for the doom and gloom.

Our partners at TIBCO™ have created software that can connect and run multiple programming languages thanks to its financial streaming adapters. It’s also better than most individual programming languages on their own as it has been made in a way that allows you to manage faster complex data flows through the TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow™ language.

This is why so many large corporations, including some of the world’s most influential banks and investment companies trust TIBCO™ with their systems.

But, at Wakett, we have gone a step further. Through a partnership with this software giant, we have created blueprints that harness the software’s power for strategy automation, complex modelling, predictive modelling, data analysis, and data processing

Plus, we’ve also made it affordable to SMEs.


What Does This Mean For Me?

If you’re an investment manager at an SME, then what this means is that you don’t have to worry about which language your system is currently using or what language you should choose to maximise the potential of your next system.

Instead, you can trust our financial software experts to find the best solution for you by choosing the best programming language for finance on your behalf. Then they can start creating an event processing flow that can easily fit into your current system and which can automate any repetitive tasks

In turn, this frees up your time so that you can continue honing and using your intuition while the software does the tedious tasks for you.

So get in touch with us to find out more!