The O in the GROW Model – What Options Does Event Stream Processing Offer You?

Whether we’re shopping for clothes, looking for a new career path, or scanning the menu at a restaurant, options are a great thing to have. But when it comes to investments, what our Options are may not always be a straightforward affair

This is especially true when we start talking about financial software that runs on Event Stream Processing, but the GROW model can help us define our destination and the tools we need to get there.


Defining your Goals & being honest about your Reality leads to the best Options.

In the first two articles in this series, we looked at how the G and the R in the GROW model can help us reach our desired destination.

But, as in any journey, there are many Options you can choose from…


Let’s imagine you’re travelling from London to Paris…

For this trip, you can either fly, catch the Eurostar, or drive from one city to another. What you choose depends on:

  • your budget, 
  • how much time you can spare, 
  • how quickly you need to get to your destination, and 
  • what type of trip you are after (flying when you’re looking to go on road trip is counterproductive, no?).

So, in other words, the Goals and the Reality affect the Options you can and should choose.


The same can be said for robot investment software.

Our many years of experience in the financial industry have shown us that companies and investment managers have numerous Options at their disposal. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they always choose the right one for them.

Here’s why:

  1. Many people tend to choose solutions without analysing the bigger picture, especially when a problem needs to be solved quickly. This can lead to extra expenses, or a ‘solution’ that only works in the short run.
  2. Not everyone can determine which financial tasks can be done by machines and which ones require a human being’s input. This shouldn’t be surprising, though, as you need to have experience with both to be able to do so. 
  3. Some people may also believe that certain solutions are beyond their budget even though they aren’t. 
  4. Not everyone trusts machines with financial matters, even though machines are entirely trustworthy. This is often down to a lack of experience in this area.


So what’s the best way to find your best Option?

Choosing an Option without setting Goals and determining Reality first can often lead to missed opportunities. So, to counteract this, we always advise clients to look at the problem and the solution from all angles.

And what will that show? 

Well, that investing in trading idea automation software that runs on Event Stream Processing is a better idea than investing in code that fixes one specific problem

That’s because such software has more generalised code that is scalable, which means that the software can:

  • be adapted to fit your company size and aspirations;
  • be tweaked to run processes that fit your financial strategy;
  • be able to conduct big data processing from the sources you actually use; and
  • be improved in the long run, both manually and through artificial intelligence processing. 


But this is where your Goals come in.

Unlike hard-coded software, Event Stream Processing software keeps long-term Goals in mind. So while it works in the short run, this can become an integral part of your strategic financial management plan

But that is only possible if you know exactly where you want to end up and how you’ll get there… So, join us next week for the final piece in this puzzle, where we will look at Choosing The Way Forward Through High-Computational Power.