The W In The GROW Model – Choosing The Way Forward Through High-Computational Power

Over the course of these four weeks, we have looked at how, by integrating the benefits of machines and technology with the GROW model, financial managers can create a clear path to achieving the Goals set out by their financial strategies. But there is one final step that we have to discuss: the Way Forward.

This is the fourth article in the series. The previous three were about:

  1. Using Goals To Build To Best Robot Investment Software Possible
  2. Your Reality & How Robot Investment Software Can Counter Human Bias
  3. What Options Does Event Stream Processing Offer You?


When, By Whom, and The Will To Succeed.

The W in the GROW model stands for Way Forward, which can then be split into three sub-categories:

  • The When, which defines the period in which you will work on the Option you choose;
  • The Whom, which looks at the person or persons responsible for implementing the changes necessary; and
  • The Will, which refers to the commitment to see the project through.

From experience, this can be one of the hardest steps in the whole method, especially when it comes to having the long-term determination to achieve your Goals. 

But we have the best reason to hold you steadfast in your resolve: both in the short and the long run, trusting us with customising our robot investment software specifically to run your preferred financial strategy will increase your speed manifold!


Are you ready to experience better speed thanks to our software?

Here’s what we can make faster.

Speed-Up Computations: Our CYBMIND, DEEPMODE, and NEXTVIEW software has high-computational power that gives it the capability to process large amounts of data in a shorter period of time. This gives you faster thinking speed.

Speed-Up Delivery: Our software is scalable and fully customisable. This means we can deliver it much faster than most clients expect, offering you a quicker solution to your problems without compromising quality or power.

Speed-Up Changes: Delivering a product in record time is great, but only if it works as it should, and only if you can make changes to it just as quickly. Our software combines Event Stream Processing with visual coding, saving you at least 50% of the time it usually takes to make backend changes! This means that you can speed up the process of keeping up with market dynamics.

Speed-Up Integration: When it comes to integrating our software into your existing system, our software is as quick as they come. In other words, you and your team can reap the benefits of this software faster!

Speed-Up Understanding: Finally, software like DEEPMODE and NEXTVIEW give you the tools to quickly and efficiently understand the market. How? By running calculations at the speed of light, preempting market forces that can affect your financial strategy, and keeping your information constantly up-to-date.


So, are you ready to GROW your financial business?

If all this sounds great, we urge you to get in touch with us! We’d be happy to discuss your Goals, Reality, Opportunities, and the best Way Forward.