Trade Better With Wakett Framework: The Customisable Trading Platform With Integrated TIBCO® Streaming

In order for professional investors or asset managers to stay competitive, efficient electronic trading is an undeniable must. To stay on top of your game and investment strategy, you need to choose the right tools for the job, which is where our customisable trading platform with ingrerated TIBCO® Streaming, called the Wakett Framework, comes in.


What’s the Deal With Trading?

 Trading is more than just a series of buying and selling of assets. Instead, it’s a process that requires: 

  • Connectivity to multiple data sources;
  • Computational power to process data and monitor investment valuations; 
  • Sending and receiving orders;
  • Reporting investment performances; 
  • Running risk management metrics; and
  • Keeping accounts in order.


Change Your Trading Game With TIBCO® Software Solutions

Our experience has shown us that it is only through these many steps that we can ensure that we stay in control of our assets, which is why we designed the Wakett Framework. This customisable trading platform has been developed with professional traders in mind and can run any financial process that can (and should) be automated.

However, to give it even more power, we teamed up with TIBCO®, one of the world’s leading enterprise software solution companies that services many global banks, exchanges, and financial institutions. 

Having these capabilities has been game changing for users of the Wakett Framework.

For a start, the integration of TIBCO® Streaming, which comes with hundreds of adapters, easily lets you connect to several sources without the headache of developing and maintaining multiple data interfaces. 

Moreover, TIBCO® Streaming is a type of Event Stream Processing technology, which comes with numerous benefits, including making data more easily processable, running complex data analyses, and making the process less accident prone. 

For a full list of what this does, you can check out our two dedicated articles: The Benefits of Incorporating Event Stream Processing Into Your Financial Strategy and Further Benefits of Event Stream Processing by TIBCO® with Wakett Framework.

In a nutshell, what all this means is that connectivity, computation, and order management can be efficiently managed through the Wakett Framework with TIBCO® Streaming, particularly thanks to its customisable and scalable technology.


Use TIBCO Spotfire® to Visualise Data on Custom Dashboards

Our Framework also has integrated TIBCO Spotfire® capabilities, which, among other benefits, enable custom dashboard visualisation

But we’ve taken this a step further. See, in the Wakett Framework, we have empowered Spotfire® by actions and order entry form. This lets you automatically send orders, as well as gives you access to a trade management infrastructure system that can act quickly on multiple accounts and venues with just one click.


Using Our Software With Integrated TIBCO® Technology Boosts Your Performance

Finally, our customisable trading platform has been built specifically to centralise several services without the need to work with multiple software, therefore improving your time-to-market. It’s this computational speed that comes with ESP technology, as well as its accessible price tag, that makes this software invaluable for financial SMEs that want to work better, faster, and more accurately than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to discover how the Wakett Framework with the integrated TIBCO® software could help you improve your trading game.