What’s The Most Powerful Data Management Tool For Finance?

The right software can completely change how we conduct our work: just think of how Adobe InDesign has helped designers layout magazines in a fraction of the time it took back in the 80s or how AutoCAD allows architects and engineers to create 2D and 3D drawings and models directly on their computers.

But what about financial managers? Is there any software that can help make your job easier and the results better?  Well, Microsoft Excel helped as we transitioned from a paper-based industry to a digital one… But it’s not the best tool for financial modelling.

Instead, we have a far more powerful tool that can automate the collection, normalisation, processing and delivery of your data, as well as the actions that happen because of it.

A tool that, as we explored in the benefits of robot investment management software, will:

  • reduce the time employees waste on tedious manual tasks;
  • lower the chances of human errors changing your information;
  • decrease reaction time when it comes to market events; 
  • increase processing volume;     
  • do away with emotion-based financial decisions; and
  • Work 24/7.

The tool? An amalgamation of our DEEPMODE and CYBMIND software.



DEEPMODE is our data modelling software that can quickly and autonomously manage hundreds of thousands of messages per second, be they from live data feeds, email, databases, Twitter, SFTP files, FIX, and many more. 

This software comes with high-computational power that allows it to process big data, even in streaming mode, without crashing and without delays, queues, or bottlenecks.

This, coupled with CYBMIND, our strategy automation software, creates a single tool that can integrate artificial intelligence processing and machine-learning abilities to analyse data and take action on your behalf based on live data-driven decisions.


Why Is This Better Than Other Off-The-Shelf Software?

There are many reasons why this combo beats every other off-the-shelf software on the market.

Customisable: Unlike most financial software, our tools are completely customisable. This means that you choose the skills the software comes with, as well as the sources it collects data from, the information it extracts from it, and what it does with the information itself. 

Scalable: Another major plus is that our software is scalable, giving you the chance to increase or decrease its power and functionality as you go along. This option is rarely found in off-the-shelf software, which often comes with hard limits.

Affordable: Although our software has many features equivalent to those found in custom-made options – which cost larger corporations hundreds of thousands of euro per year – ours is much more affordable. This is because we, with the help of TIBCO™, have created a unique blueprint that can easily be updated to your specific needs.

Outsourced: Our software is also more affordable because you won’t need in-house experts to programme and manage it. Instead, our team of financial and technological wizards will work with you to create, update, and maintain the perfect system.


So Why Not Get In Touch?

By saving you time and increasing your opportunities, this software seriously has the potential to change the way you conduct your financial business – including helping you to diversify your investments via robot market analysis.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to learn about the benefits of using Complex Event Processing for finances!